About IHRP

IHRP (International Hair Restoration Platform) is an elite business platform in Hair Restoration that offers professional services from branding and marketing to strategic planning, project management and business development.

Vision: To be the leading business hair restoration platform.

Mission: To provide an integrated corporate platform that offers mutual social and economic benefits to all participants through services and opportunities related to education, information exchange, investment, capacity building, marketing, management, and strategic planning. At the same time, we also serve the broader community by contributing resources to registered societies and charities that provide assistance to people who suffer from hair loss but lack the financial means to access surgery.

Business Model - IHRP 5Ps Business Model© consists of the 5 elements of the Hair Restoration Industry

1. People: Patients and person requesting hair transplant services (Click here to join our Hair Community)

2. Practices: Businesses and clinics providing services (Click to be listed as a service provider)

3. Professionals: Surgeons and other medical practicians (Click here to join IHRP Hair Professional Community)

4. Products: Businesses seling products and equipments (Business can contact us to advertise their hair products)

5. Progress: This refers to any research and development, and innovation and international conferences for knowledge exchange) (click to attend or to share innovation concept)


Tanniar Leba

Tanniar Leba

CEO and President
Azar Mohsenipour

Azar Mohsenipour

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Dr. Mostafa Nejati Ajibisheh

Dr. Mostafa Nejati

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Adrien Laflèche

Adrien Laflèche


Zara Durrani

Zara Durrani



1. Directory & Profile services: Improve your business and professional image. Contact us to find out more

2. Capacity building services: Establish a long term strategy and grow your business through IHRP professional services in strategic planning, social media and digital marketing, business coaching, website deign and SEO, etc.

3. Networking services: Join the upcoming networking events and conferences organized/supported by IHRP

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For any inquiries about IHRP services or sponsorship opportunities please contact us by email at at consult@ihrp.ca

If one of the following item applies to you, please fill out the form and we will get back to you, shortly:

1. You need a hair transplant surgeon
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